Journée de Recherche en Allergologie (ART)

mardi 16 avril 2019
ART 09h15 > 18h00 Journée de Recherche en Allergologie (ART) Salle 352 B

> Introduction
> Opening Lecture - Chair: H. Hammad & M. Daëron
> Tim Halim Guest Session - Chair: L. Moretta & T. Halim
> Interactive Short Talks Session - Chair: A. Tsicopoulos & V. Verhasselt
> What's up? Session - Chair: M. Hornef & A. Tsicopoulos
> Closing Lecture - Chair: V. Verhasselt & H. Hammad
> Conclusion

09h15 INT182 Introduction > P. Philippe BONNIAUD (Dijon) 09h30 INT183 Opening Lecture - Human NK cells: receptors, functions and translational applications > L. Lorenzo MORETTA (Rome) 10h15 INT184 Tim Halim Guest Session - Immune regulatory function of ILC2 > T. Tim HALIM (Cambridge) 10h45 INT185 Tim Halim Guest Session - A macrophage-pericyte axis directs tissue restoration via amphiregulin-induced TGF-β activation > D. Dietmar ZAISS (Édimbourg) 11h15 INT186 Coffee Break 11h45 INT187 Tim Halim Guest Session - A new (antigen-specific) view on tolerance against airborne allergens > A. Alexander SCHEFFOLD (Kiel) 12h15 INT188 Tim Halim Guest Session - Allergic airway inflammation: T cells and ILC2s living apart together > R. Rudy HENDRIKS (Rotterdam) 12h45 INT189 Interactive Short Talks Session - Five-min presentations selected from submitted abstracts 13h15 INT190 Lunch and poster viewing 14h30 INT191 What's up? Session - Intravital imaging reveals the lung as a platelet factory and a reservoir for blood progenitors > E. Emma LEFRANCAIS (Toulouse) 15h00 INT192 What's up? Session - Definition of human and mouse Natural Killer cell heterogeneity by high-throughput single-cell RNA sequencing > A. Adeline CRINIER (Marseille) 15h30 INT193 What's up? Session - Neuroregulation of group 2 innate lymphoid cells via Neuromedin U > J. Julie CHESNE (Lisbonne) 16h00 INT194 Coffee Break 16h30 INT195 What's up? Session - Epithelial damage and tissue γδ T cells promote a unique tumour protective IgE response > G. Greg CRAWFORD (Londres) 17h00 INT196 Closing Lecture - Ontogeny of the enteric host-microbial interaction > M. Mathias HORNEF (Aix-La-Chapelle) 17h45 INT197 Closing Lecture - Conclusion > A. Annick BARBAUD (Paris)

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