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mardi 16 avril 2024
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Allergy Research Today
09h00 INT307 Introduction > Organizing Committee 09h15 INT308 Session 1: “Mast cells in host defense” (2 interventions: 9h15 > 10h45) 09h15 INT309 TBD (Role of mast cells in COVID-19) > A. Ashley ST JOHN (Singapore) 10h00 INT310 Non-redundant mast cell functions in the context of the toxin hypothesis > T. Thomas PLUM (Heidelberg) 10h45 INT311 Virtual coffee break 11h00 INT312 Session 2: “Recent advances in cellular and molecular mechanisms of allergic diseases” (2 interventions: 11h00 > 12h30) 11h00 INT313 Regulation of skin allergic inflammation by basophils > K. Kensuke MIYAKE (Tokyo) 11h45 INT314 Hyper-IgE syndromes > V. Vivien BEZIAT (Paris) 12h30 INT315 Virtual lunch break 13h30 INT316 Session 3: “Hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis” (2 interventions: 13h30 > 15h00) 13h30 INT317 IFN-γ ELISpot-enabled machine learning for culprit drug identification in nonimmediate drug hypersensitivity > J. Jettanong KLAEWSONGKRAM (Bangkok) 14h15 INT318 Novel mechanisms in the regulation of the IgE response and anaphylaxis > M. Monique VOGEL (Bern) 15h00 INT319 Virtual coffee break 15h15 INT320 Session 4: “Regulation of immune responses” ( 3 interventions: 15h15 > 17h30) 15h15 INT321 Impact of environment on early life immune development > L. Liam O’MAHONY (Cork) 16h00 INT322 Discrepancy in the suppressive function of regulatory T cells in allergic diseases > M. Martin KLEIN (Quebec) 16h45 INT323 What can we learn from animal models about skin sensitisation? > K. Katrine LINDHOLM BØGH (Lyngby) 17h30 INT324 Concluding remarks > J. Joana VITTE (Reims), P. Pascal DEMOLY (Montpellier)

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