Allergy Research Today (ART) 2023 Virtual meeting

mardi 25 avril 2023
ART 09h00 > 17h30 Allergy Research Today (ART) 2023 Virtual meeting Online / En Ligne

09h00 INT327 Introduction > Organizing Committee 09h15 INT338 Session 1 : Granulocytes in type 2 immunity (2 interventions : 9h15 > 10h45) 09h15 INT328 Revisiting eosinophil biology in the era of omics and biological therapies > C. Christophe DESMET (Liège) 10h00 INT329 Mechanisms regulating neutrophil responses in immunity, allergy, and autoimmunity > O. Onur BOYMAN (Zurich) 10h45 INT330 Virtual Coffee Break 11h00 INT339 Session 2 : Microbes & Barriers (2 interventions : 11h00 > 12h30) 11h00 INT331 Epithelial barrier theory in allergic and autoimmune disease > C. Cezmi AKDIS (Davos) 11h45 INT332 Immune modulation by intestinal microbiota in allergies > E. Eva UNTERSMAYR (Vienne) 12h30 INT333 Virtual lunch break 13h30 INT335 Session 3 : Mast cell functions beyond allergy (3 interventions : 13h30 > 15h30) 13h30 INT334 Single-cell landscape of mast cell populations across organs > M. Marie TAUBER (Toulouse Cedex 9) 14h00 INT336 The role of mast cells in urticaria > M. Marcus MAURER (Berlin) 14h45 INT337 Mast cell-nerve interactions in anaphylaxis > S. Soman ABRAHAM (Durham) 15h30 INT340 Virtual coffee break 15h45 INT341 Session 4 : IgE antibodies (2 interventions : 15h45 > 17h15) 15h45 INT342 Human IgG memory B cells that maintain the memory of IgE responses > M. Maria CUROTTO DE LAFAILLE (New-York) 16h30 INT343 Mechanisms of anti-IgE therapies > A. Alexander EGGEL (Bern) 17h15 INT344 Concluding remarks > J. Joana VITTE (Marseille), P. Pascal DEMOLY (Montpellier)

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