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mardi 19 avril 2022
ART 09h00 > 17h15 Allergy Research Today - Online ONLINE / EN LIGNE

09h00 INT216 Introduction > A. Alain DIDIER (Toulouse)
Contenu : Président of the Société française d’allergologie
09h15 INT217 Opening Lecture : Microbes, metabolites and protection against allergic inflammation > B. Benjamin MARSLAND (Melbourne)
Contenu : Monash University - Melbourne.
10h00 INT218 Guest Session > T. Thomas MARICHAL (Liège)
Contenu : Université de Liège
10h00 INT219 Role of B cells in food allergy > M. Mübeccel AKDIS (Zurich)
Contenu : SIAF - University of Zürich.
10h30 INT220 Development of therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of allergic diseases > L. Laurent REBER (Toulouse)
Contenu : Infinity - Toulouse.
11h00 INT317 Virtual Coffee Break 11h15 INT221 Gammaherpesvirus infection imprints the alveolar landscape to regulate lung type 2 allergic responses > B. Bénédicte MACHIELS (Liège)
Contenu : Université de Liège.
11h45 INT222 Host defense by allergic immune responses > P. Philipp STARKL (Vienne)
Contenu : Medical University Vienna.

12h15 INT318 Lunch Break 13h30 INT224 What's up? Session 13h30 INT226 Allergic inflammation in cancer : eosinophils supressing NK cell anti-tumor potential > M. Martijn SCHUIJS (Ghent)
Contenu : Ghent University.
14h00 INT227 Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in diseases of the airways > K. Korneliusz GOLEBSKI (Amsterdam)
Contenu : University of Amsterdam.
14h30 INT229 Type 2-high asthma patients reveal a specific indoor mycobiome and microbiome > L-E. Louise-Eva VANDENBORGHT (Lille)
Contenu : Genoscreen - Lille.
15h00 INT223 Virtual Coffee Break 15h15 INT228 Dual role of skin innervating nociceptors in skin atopic and allergic inflammation > L. Lilian BASSO (Toulouse)
Contenu : Infinity - Toulouse.
15h45 INT225 Emerging roles for mast cells in allergic contact dermatitis > A. Anne DUDECK (Magdeburg)
Contenu : Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat - Magdeburg.
16h15 INT230 Closing Lecture : New insights in the role of fetal mast cells in the onset of early life allergies > F. Florent GINHOUX (Villejuif)
Contenu : Institut Gustave Roussy - Villejuif.
17h00 INT231 Concluding remarks > J. Joana VITTE (Marseille)
Contenu : President of the Scientific council of the Société française d’allergologie

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