Allergy Research Today (ART) is a one-day meeting organized by the Société Française d’Allergologie at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the day before the Congrès Francophone d’Allergologie.

ART aims at promoting Allergy research by showing that cutting-edge research is being conducted on and around that field in European laboratories, and by encouraging young scientists to join and work on Allergy.

Since it was first held in 2011, this international meeting has become an annual rendez-vous that brings together more than one hundred young and confirmed European scientists who are willing to share their most recent and exciting results in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

The ART meeting comprises the following sessions:
- An "Opening Lecture" and a "Closing Lecture", pronounced by two scientists who are internationally renowned for having made major contributions.
- A "Guest Session" built up by a young European colleague who is given carte blanche to invite four European scientists of his choice and to chair this session.
- A "What's up in Allergy?" Session made of four presentations given by scientists who have recently published important innovative findings in highly regarded scientific journals.
- A "Short talk Session" made of 3- or 5-min presentations selected from accepted posters.

This year, Lorenzo Moretta, from the Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù, in Roma, accepted to pronounce the Opening Lecture at ART 2019 and Tim Halim, from the University of Cambridge, to be the Guest Session Organizer.

The ART 2019 Scientific organizing committee is composed of Marc Daëron, Hamida Hammad, Anne Tsicopoulos and Valérie Verhasselt.

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